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Whatever your current ability, I want to inspire you to be the best singer you can be. Total Voice Studio is regularly publishing resources that educate, entertain and connect you with expert opinions. 

Total Voice TV

Welcome to Total Voice TV providing information, singing tips and edu-tainment for singers. Be inspired to be a better singer and discover the power of your total voice free from as many limitations as possible. Total voice TV is presented by Dr. Darren Wicks and invited guests.

The Singer's Blog

The TVS Singer’s blog is here to make a difference for you and stand out as an authoritative source of information on singing and in line with the 6 core principles of the Total Voice approach: 

  • Voice technique
  • Musicianship
  • Songs and repertoire
  • Creativity
  • Performance craft
  • Mindset


I asked more than 200 professional and serious singers to share with me just ONE thing – their most important and valuable singing tip. After compiling a list of tips, I thoroughly researched each topic, combining it with my 20 years of experience working with singers.

The result is Sing True – a book of simple, practical advice that will surely make a real difference in your singing because it is written by singers FOR singers. Click on the image below for more information:
ebook for singers

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